Water Damage Cleanup

When damages are caused by water, first and foremost, you need to turn off the power supply to the property to prevent electrical issues. After that, it is extremely important to act immediately and call a water damage cleanup team. For a water damage restoration team, time is the enemy, and it is pertinent spring into action right away to prevent damages from developing further. The professional water damage cleanup specialists at America’s Best Cleaning & Restoration are on call 24/7, so no matter when you find yourself in need of an emergency water damage cleanup, someone will immediately be able to assist you in restoring your property back to like-new conditions.

The Evolution of Water Damage



Water Damage Cleanup Process

Restoring a home after water damages is no easy feat, and there is an extensive process that our water damage cleanup crews go through to ensure every service is completed to the satisfaction of the property owner. When you call America’s Best Cleaning & Restoration, one of our water damage cleanup crews will be dispatched to you immediately to asses the damages. From there, they will begin the tedious process of sorting through the wreckage to distinguish which objects are salvageable, and which items cannot be restored. After that, they will begin restoring the salvageable items and then begin removing the ‘dumb water’ from the property. ‘Dumb water’ is all of the water that is visible to the naked eye and is basically in plain sight. The ‘smart water’ is water that is within the walls, floors, carpeting and foundation of the home and requires special tools and devices to locate and eradicate it. After all water has been removed from the home, the experts will then begin drying out the home through use of dehumidifiers and fans.


After removing the water from your property and returning it to pre-disaster conditions, our water damage cleanup crew even goes as far as to implement mold prevention tactics such as a special paint that protects your property from mold spores developing after a water damage cleanup for at least 10 years. It’s no wonder why Huntingdon Valley knows to turn to the specialists at America’s Best Cleaning & Restoration, there’s no other company that goes to the lengths we do to ensure your home is fully restored and protected. Give us a call 24/7 at 1-844-337-7823 to evaluate your water damage needs, a customer service associate will gladly take your call.